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Forest Trees


Your Children's Trees is a student community-based non-profit organization founded in coordination with the UCSB organization of the same name for the care of Santa Barbara County's urban forests. Planting trees in our cities helps bring back nature and provides many other benefits such as urban beautification, increasing property values, cleaning the air, and controlling water runoff. Your Children's Trees works to keep our urban forests healthy by planting and caring for trees in public areas such as schools and parks. We also undertake various educational pursuits such as participating in science nights at local elementary schools and conducting environmental restoration plantings in ecological reserves. It's important that we take care of the trees around us. These are not just our trees, but your children's trees.

Updates Spring 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to accept volunteers for the spring term. At this time, we are working on creating virtual activities that will available to everyone. As of now, only our interns trained in COVID-19 safety and social distancing procedures are involved in our events held locally every Saturday morning where we are still actively planting and pruning trees and setting irrigation in service of our community and planet. We hope to be able to re-evaluate opening up our events to the public as soon as possible.

Until then, Stay Safe and check back for more updates! 


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