Directions to Northwest Parcel

5-1-22 NW Border Map.jpg

Directions to North Campus Open Space (NCOS):

  1. Go North on Storke Rd

  2. Turn left on Whittier Drive

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Directions to CCBER Growing Grounds:

The growing grounds are past Harder Stadium. There will be a dirt path on the right of the parking lot - follow this path, walk down a bit, and the growing grounds will be on the right.

Directions to South NCOS

Meet at the planting site indicated on the left up Veneco Road, just past the NCOS gate. Car Parking is available at the gate in addition to the planting site and walking/biking is always welcome and encouraged! Parking is no longer permitted in this area, so we recommend biking for this event. 

South NCOS New Site Map.png
Directions to Lot 37/Mesa Road

Lot 37 is along Mesa Road, so if coming from Harder Stadium, turn left onto Mesa Road and follow until you reach Lot 37 on the right. 

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Directions to Monte Vista School
Monte Vista School 730 N. Hope Ave 93110.jpg
Directions to Coal Oil Point 

Can only reach site by bike or walking so if driving, parking is available near Storke rd. When reaching the gate go all the way down until the large oil tankers.  

Coal Oil Point.png
Directions to Kellogg Elementary School  
Directions to Goleta Valley Junior High  
Goleta Valley Junior High 6100 Stow Canyon Rd, Goleta, CA 93117 (1).jpeg
Directions to Hollister Elementary 
Hollister Elementary School, 4950 Anita Ln, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (1).png
Directions to Brandon Elementary School
Brandon Elementary School, 195 Brandon Dr, Goleta, CA.png

Upcoming Events

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